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This pattern collection contains six complete patterns of ...

Countryside Treasures

Hidden away in meadows and woodlands are plants and flowers that can suddenly catch your eye and surprise you with their beauty.  Here are just six ...  

  1. The wild rose – or dog rose as it is sometimes called – a delicious, delicate pink ! This is a white work design with a simple border made with the heart tool and the four-needle tool. 
  2. Cow parsley also has the much grander name of Queen Anne’s Lace and its tiny blossoms attract many butterflies.  The star tool is used here to create the frothy blooms and blendable pencils are used for the colour.  
  3. A field of golden buttercups is a wonderful sight. Create your own tiny piece of the meadow with this design. Traced with white pencil, the flowers are coloured with blendable pencils and then embossed. The heart tool and the star tool make a simple border.   
  4. Sea-thrift is usually seen around the coast, unless its in our garden rockery. This design is traced in white ink and then coloured in the reverse with blendable pencils. The very easy border is made by perforating with a one-needle tool, so this pattern is great for beginners.
  5. These star-like flowers of Celandine can be found shining-up through dark undergrowth. The design was traced with a fine black pen and then coloured on the reverse with felt-tip pens.  The border uses the four-needle tool.

  6. This acorn design gives some good practice in achieving the 'shiny' look by some simple embossing. The colouring is done on the reverse of the parchment with blendable pencils. Once again, the border is very simple, using only an embossing tool. 



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Pattern 6 (each) JM018-6
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