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White Wedding

Everyone loves a wedding and here are some designs which I hope will complement that special day. If you are looking for engagement cards please see our 'Engagement' pattern pack. If you are looking for a wedding design featuring a church - have a look at our Village Scenes pattern pack.

  1. The bride, groom and bouquet are all traced with white ink. The bouquet is embossed in the traditional way, but the white of the dress and the suit is achieved by colouring on the reverse with white blendable pencil. The veil is embossed and the Pergamano flower tool is used to give a lace effect. The Pergamano semi-circle tool is used around the heart and also in the border.
  2. A border perforated with the heart tool and the four-needle tool surrounds this delicate bridal bouquet. Traced in white ink, it's then coloured on the reverse with blendable pencils. The three star flowers have stick-on 'jewels' for their centres.
  3. This romantic pair posing under the archway have been traced with a fine black drawing pen and the background has been coloured on the reverse with blendable pencils. The white of the dress is achieved by colouring on the reverse with white blendable pencil and the veil is embossed. Simple flowers are embossed around the border and a star or sun tool adds the final decoration.
  4. Fit for a fairy-tale wedding, this whitework coach is traced with white ink and gently embossed. Bordered by simple gridwork, some pearl beads add the finishing touch.
  5. What could be more romantic than a pure white rose and some heart-shaped confetti! This whitework design also uses a fine grid in the border and as an alternative to tracing and embossing each tiny flower, you can find the motif on Siesta Grid SPB036l
  6. Flowers for a wedding feature in this design. The rose bouquet is created with whitework and to help with the embossing, the design is also shown in reverse on a separate sheet. The church window is also embossed, then coloured with blendable pencils in the reverse. The almond tool is used to make the simple border.
  7. A large card for an impressive occasion, this finished design measures approx. 17.5cm x 13cm. Created in whitework, the veil is traced with white ink and the patterns are perforated on te PCA multigrid 19. The flower, which is traced with white pencil and then embossed, could also be use on its own, as a separate design.
  8. Another large design, it features the traditional good-luck image of the horseshoe. The cut-out border is made with the almond tool and the embossed horseshoe is finished with a jewel in the centre of each flower.



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